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July 7, 2015

Sprayed tomatoes this morning with Bonide Copper to treat septoria leaf spot.  Fingers crossed that it helps, along with removing infected foliage.

Oda peppers and Violet Sparkle peppers have some beauties on the vine that might make good entries for SCOS later this month.  Also considering entering some Dragon’s Egg cucumbers, as they are unique and beautiful.

We received right around 3/4″ of rain yesterday so I can hold off watering for a couple of days.  I’ve come to believe that gardening is the process of staying a few steps ahead of everything else that wants your plants!

Today’s Forecast
High: 72
Heat Index: 77
Humidity: 57%
Precipitation: None
Wind: N 13 mph gusts to 20 mph
Skies: Scattered clouds & sunshine
Sunrise: 5:48 AM